Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Boa Knot

Boa Knot

Applications : The ultimate binding, this neatly combines the forms and functions of both constrictor and strangle knots. It may be tied in the same size of cord around a wide range of diameters, wherever seizing or lashing is needed.

Method : Lay down two right-handed, overhand loops, one on top of the other (1-2).Then simply twist the resulting coil into the figure eight layout shown, and slide the knot onto its foundation (3). Draw it up snug, neatening any misaligned cord parts as you do so (4).The knot will usually be tied in the bight like this. It may be formed with a working end by first tying a basic constrictor knot (5) and then wrapping and tucking one of the ends as shown (6-7).

History : This — the newest knot in the book — was discovered in 1996 by Dr Peter Collingwood, the eminent weaver and craft writer, in his search for a reliable seizing on ends which had to be cut very short; and it is a nice example of how knots emerge to fill what (with hindsight) is an obvious gap in the family tree but was previously an overlooked and unsuspected missing link.

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