Friday, April 4, 2008

Scaffold Knot

Scaffold Knot

Aplications : This is a tough noose knot, which may be protected against wear due to chafing by the insertion of a plastic or metal lining called a thimble, creating what sailors refer to as a 'hard eye: Thimbles come in a range of sizes and are obtainable from boat and yacht chandlers. Practised fingers can tie the scaffold knot in 30 seconds or less.

Method : First make the loop and tighten the sliding knot (1-3). Next, insert the thimble (4). See that its jaws bed down into the throat of the noose and pull the whole lot snug. To attach a line directly to a ring or bracket, without using a shackle, fix the thimble in place and pass the working end of the line around it before tying the knot.

History : The scaffold knot was described in Denis Diderot's Encyclopedie of 1762.

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