Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Bowstring Knot and Loop

Bowstring Knot and Loop

Applications : When tension is a critical factor, this adjustable loop will tighten or slacken tent guy-lines, temporary washing lines, etc.

Method : Tuck the working end through the overhand knot (1-2).There is only one correct way - and five wrong ways - to do this. Add a stopper knot (3) for extra security.The Oriental alternative (4-6) incorporates an extra piece of cord and was designed for a cord that ends in a bight or loop.

History : Elizabethan archers looped the tops of their bowstrings and tightened them with this knot; but it was used by the indigenous peoples of several continents and so is no doubt much older. I have seen something similar as a ligature around the neck of a mummified Ancient Briton (c. 500 Bc). Spanish vaqueros and American cowboys, who used it in their lariats, called it a honda knot.

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