Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Manharness Knot

Manharness Knot

Applications : This knot is used to put a shoulder loop in a rope when hauling a load.

Method : Make a large loop and pull a bight through under-over (1-3).The load should be applied in the direction shown (4).

History : The manharness knot's other names — the artilleryman's loop, the harness loop and the manharness hitch — indicate its earlier uses for lugging field guns into position and easing the strain on horses struggling uphill or in muddy going. Indeed, in 1887 the British Army called it 'a man's harness hitch' (Instruction in Military Engineering). Boy Scouts were once taught to put these knots in the drag lines of their trek carts. In Knotting Matters (April 1992) Mike Storch recommended using a series of manharness knots at intervals along a picket line to tether horses.

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