Thursday, March 27, 2008

Ashley's Stopper Knot

Applications : use this chunky hole blocker when the figure eight knot too small.

Method: Tie a simple noose (1-2). tuck the working end as shown (no other way will do), pulling the noose tight to trap it (3). a characteristic of completed knot is a neat trefoil of three overlapping parts on its underside.

History : Clifford W. Ashley, whose monumental work The Ashley Boo of Knots is every knot enthusiasts bible, devised this knot sometime before 1910. He was trying to imitate a lumpy knot he had seen from a distance on the foresail halyard of a passing boat in an oyster fishing fleet (hence his name for it, an oysterman's stopper). later, when he went aboard for a closer look, the knot in question turned out to be merely a wet and swollen figure eight knot. So good is Ashley's own knot, however, that there have recently been moves to honour him by featuring it on an American postage stamp.

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