Thursday, March 27, 2008

Multiple Overhand Knots

Multiple Overhand Knots

A technique that must be learnt by all who tie knots-especially by anglers and climbers- is tying multiple overhand knots, also known as blood knots (from their past use by surgeons) or barrels knots (because of their shape). Tie an overhand knot , then tuck the working end a second time, for a double overhand knot (1). Begin to tighten the knot by pulling gently on both ends-feel how the knot wants to twist and wrap around itself.

Allow to do so, turning the left-hand end up and away from you. (the like that shown in the diagram. They should be reversed for a formed left-handed.) another tuck creates a triple overhand knot (2), which requires even more care in shaping the final form.

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