Friday, March 28, 2008

Fisherman's Knot

Fisherman's Knot

Applications : This is - strictly speaking - a strong and secure bend to join two similar ropes.

Method : Lay the two working parts alongside and parallel to one another (1).Tie an identical overhand knot around each standing part with the other working end (2-3). Pull them together (4-5).

History : In the early nineteenth century, fishermen referred to this knot as the water knot. It has also been known as the angler's knot, the English knot, the Englishman's knot, the true lover's knot and the waterman's knot. The author Captain Marryat wrote of it in his novel Peter Simple (1834); '.... there is a moral in that knot .... that points out the necessity of pulling together .... when we wish to hold on.'

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