Thursday, March 27, 2008

Monkey's Fist

Application: This is the classic knot to tie in the leading end of a heaving line, adding weight to improve its flight and distance though the air.

Method : Three turns made north-south are surrounded by three more around their equator (1-3), after which a final three locking turns are inserted as shown (4) at 90 degrees to the original three turns. The knot looks neatest if a round pebble or other hard and heavy core is inserted prior to working the slack through the knot to tighten it (5). Finally, secure the working end to the standing part with a bowline.

History : The Monkey's Fist seems to have been first illustrated by E.N. Little in Log Book Notes (1889_. it was also described by Cyrus L. Day in Sailor's Knots (1935)

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